Providing the win-win to everyone is important to us, which is why we consciously introduced extremely fair pricing.  We want to give back, more than we take.

We are a digital marketplace which rewards and recognises good honest hard/great work, competence & great attitudes.

We will only tolerate those that provide a safe a respectful environment to work in .

As a result we will provide increased income/voluntary opportunities at record low fees, as well as access to a huge pool of talent previously unavailable.

We appreciate by introducing gig listers and gig workers together, they have the opportunity to work directly in the future.

If that is your philosophy as a customer, we are comfortable with that!

If you wish to keep all repeat business (with an already connected party) through our platform, (due to the benefits we can offer in growing your platform reputation, safe secure payment system, as well as increased opportunites as a consequence), then we believe you truly understand 'empowering the win-win'.

We are confident our quality product and fair pricing will be recognised by the majority of our customers. 

We are also confident that our platform will always be available to provide you new connections for new services you require.

We don't believe in the hostage approach, all our services should be used through your choice and the value they empower to you.

But we do have a zero tolerance attitude to anyone using our platform to exploit the use, without payment. We will actively track and monitor non-completion. Anyone found deliberately exploiting our platform will be instantly removed and refused re-entry.

Note: In any cases of secondary engagement bypassing the gigexchange, we are unable to help with any disputes/feedback or money issues.

Understand more on Trust, Respect & empowering the win-win